Rental Terms and Conditions

(Terms updated 18.9.2017)



The contract is set in force regardless of the condition of the vehicle, always between the "lease giver" and the individual or legal person signing the contract (hereafter known as "leaseholder") whom the signatory shall represent in the rental agreement. The leaseholder must have a valid driving license, sufficient skill to drive and at least one full year of driving experience. A prerequisite for the contract is that the leaseholder has given permission for a credit check.



The lease giver must hand the vehicle to the leaseholder in good condition and according to law, in the agreed location and during the agreed time. Unless separately agreed, the vehicle will be handed over at 4 PM.

Additionally, the lease giver must give proper instructions for use of the vehicle if the leaseholder requests them.

The rental vehicle must be inspected by the lease giver before handing it out to the leaseholder. However, the leaseholder is also obliged to inspect the vehicle for any defects or damages during the handover. Any damages or defects must be informed to the lease giver immediately, and they have to be included in the rental agreement.



The leaseholder is obliged to take vehiclee of the vehicle, as a person would take vehiclee of their own. The leaseholder agrees to use the vehicle in the way it is intended to be used. During the rental period, the leaseholder is obliged to look after the vehicle and its normal functions, such as oil levels, tyre pressure and keeping the necessary liquid tanks filled appropriately. If the vehicle is parked, it must be kept locked.

The leaseholder agrees to drive the vehicle themselves. They are permitted to allow someone else to drive the vehicle, only if the rental agreement specifies so. .The leaseholder is obliged to give the information in this rental agreement to the person who is being handed the vehicle. It is forbidden to use the vehicle for illegal purposes, towing, competitions or exercises, driving instruction and driving on ice. The vehicle may not be taken outside of the country borders of Finland, unless it has been especially specified in the rental agreement. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the vehicle, and no pets can be transported unless otherwise specified in a separate agreement.

The leaseholder is fully liable for any fines incurred from illegal parking or any other traffic offenses, or any other fines, fees and tolls incurred during the rental period that arise from use of the vehicle. By signing this agreement, the leaseholder confirms that they accept the lease giver to forward their personal details to authorities for payment of the above fines.

The fuel used in the vehicle will be noted in the agreement or the registration document of the vehicle. The leaseholder pays the fuel used. If the leaseholder returns the vehicle with less than a full tank, the lease giver is justified in taking payment for the remaining fuel and an additional 30€ refuelling fee



The leaseholder is obliged to compensate the lease giver for any damages and losses incurred during the rental period for the vehicle or its equipment during the rental period and for a period of up to 30 days during the period of repair of the vehicle during the rental period. However, the leaseholder's liability is limited to the excess (deductible). The basic excess is 1200€. Basic excess is charged for each damage separately.

The leaseholder is obliged to compensate the lease giver for damages in full without any excess (deductible) if the damage is caused by any of the following: overloading, smoking, damage to vehicle upholstery, driving on over or under pressurised tires, loss of keys, misuse of fuel and other improper liquid displays, snow damage, driving on substandard roads or areas, or careless or incorrect use of the vehicle.

The vehicle must be returned with the interior cleaned. The leaseholder is required to compensate the lease giver for any cleaning costs of the interior. Cleaning work will be charged at hourly rate of 60€ per hour. An additional €50 will be charged for emptying the toilet and the gray water tank.

The full liability of the leaseholder also always applies to damages caused directly or indirectly by the renter's criminal negligence, the use of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, or any other intentional or gross negligence in breach of terms of contract.

The leaseholder shall also be released from liability to the lessor if the lease giver receives full compensation for the damage from any potential third party or their insurance company.



The leaseholder must immediately notify the lease giver of any damage to the vehicle during the rental period. Always report any offenses to the police immediately, such as traffic accidents, personal injuries or animal damage. In event of an accident, the leaseholder must give a written damage report to the lease giver. The leaseholder is liable for any costs or damages incurred for failing to submit any of the above notices.

The lease giver is liable for technical failure during the rental period of the vehicle, if it is not due to the leaseholder's failure and /or negligence. Provided the lease giver is liable for the fault, the leaseholder may get the vehicle fixed at most for 75€. A copy of the receipt must be submitted to the lease giver.






Unless otherwise agreed on the other payment method, the leaseholder shall pay in advance the rent specified in the contract to the account designated by the lease giver. When making the contract, the leaseholder will accept the final calculation of the price in the agreement without having to sign it personally.

In particular, it is stated that the leaseholder is entitled, when justified to do so, to charge the leaseholder specified in the lease, additional charges for the following: basic contractual liability, fuel charges, rent and fees due to the lease, vehicle deliveries and pick-ups, parking fees incurred during the rental period, private parking controls, fees, fines, tolls, congestion charges, overcharges and other similar charges, including administrative costs.

If a legal person entered into a contract as a leaseholder does not wish to or is unable to pay the rental costs, the person signing the agreement is liable for the costs and any rental fees related to the rental on behalf of the lessee.



If there is a technical defect with the vehicle during the rental period or any other mistake that the leaseholder is not liable for under the terms of the rental agreement, the leaseholder may claim for a correction of the error or a price reduction corresponding to the error from the lease giver.

If the lease giver is unable to transfer the vehicle to the leaseholder in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement, the leaseholder is entitled to reimbursement of reasonable immediate costs incurred by the leaseholder for the delay. However, the lease giver's liability is limited to the price of the rental fee.



The leaseholder must return the vehicle with all equipment to the agreed location at the end of the lease period. Vehicle return must be made at 12 PM unless otherwise agreed with the lease giver. The lease period under the contract expires when the vehicle with the key is returned to the lease giver. If the vehicle has not been returned as agreed, the lease giver has right to inform the police.

The lease giver is entitled to charge the full cost of the lease from the leaseholder for the period of the vehicle's delay in return, as well as compensation for the additional work incurred by the lease giver and other related financial damages. Unless otherwise agreed, the vehicle must be returned with a full fuel tank.

The lease giver is not responsible for the property left in the vehicle at the time of return.



Returning a vehicle before the agreed rental period expires will not entitle you to a refund.


The reservation is mutually binding when the lease holder has received the agreed booking fee. The leaseholder has 3 days to complete the booking fee payment. After this time, the reservation no longer binds the lease giver.

In the case of termination of the binding reservation made by the leaseholder, the following cancellation fees shall be due, calculated from the first confirmed reservation:

 • Up to 30 days before the start of the rental: 20% of the rental price, at least 200 euros.

 • 29 to 15 days before the start of the rental: 40% of the rental price, at least 300 euros.

 • Fewer than 14 days before the start of the rental: 50% of the rental price at least 300 euros.

The reservation confirmed by the lease giver may be changed no later than 60 days prior to the beginning of the agreed lease period if the lessor has free capacity and the alternative option required corresponds to the first reservation. Changes in the reservation are only possible during the same year. Later changes in the reservation are not possible. A fee for the change in the reservation is charged according to the current price list. There are no legal requirements for booking change or change of dates.

The lease giver is entitled to terminate the agreement immediately if it becomes apparent that the leaseholder substantially violates the terms of the contract or if the leaseholder has provided incorrect information. The renter is then obliged to immediately return the vehicle with all the equipment to the agreed return point.

Either party may terminate the contract if the vehicle is stolen or the vehicle is under the responsibility of the lease giver for a vehicle fault and the lease giver does not provide a replacement vehicle within a reasonable time of notice.



Disputes regarding the lease agreement are primarily sought by negotiation. If a dispute is brought to court, the court or tribunal will be in the domicile of the leaseholder.